Claas Ortmann




Claas Ortmann began learning his craft when he first picked up a camera at the age of 16. His interest in film making earned him acceptance to the famous HFF Munich Film School where he studied feature film directing and screenwriting. This made his parents very proud.

After graduation, Claas, inspired by his director idols, began a relentless pursuit to be involved in film making any way he could, and with a special emphasis towards commercials.  This “pursuit” led to Claas receiving a Young Directors award at Cannes in 2013. This too made his parents very proud.

Claas Ortmann is known as a consistent purveyor of great stories presented with cinematic flair. He has worked for such clients as Hyundai, Volkswagen, Coke, Axe, ING, Yelp, Audi, McDonalds, and many, many more. Again, this has made his parents very proud.