Jason Farrand




Jason initially began his directing career with commercials and has continued to do so working with such clients as Coca-Cola, GM, Nike, HP, Ford, Hyundai, and many others.

Jason has also directed a variety of serialized content projects including HP computers, comedies “Down and Dirty” with the Discovery Channel’s Mike Rowe and “Back to School” with Olympic X-games Snowboarder, Shaun White. Jason has also directed the award winning “Back up of Destiny – choose your own adventure” series for SYMANTEC, and “Katelyn”, a time bending drama for CORNING and HTC phones and the highly acclaimed “BROKEFACE” for Corning Glass.

In 2015, Jasib Produced/Co-wrote and Directed 10 episodes of the NBC comedy In Gayle We Trust – Season 3. The show premiered to record numbers for the series, garnering over 59 million views.

Jason’s casts commonly hail from the states of the UCB theatre, and Groundlings and has worked with a vast array of celebrity talent including actors Jerry Seinfeld, Chelsea Handler, Jeff Goldblum, Janeane Garofalo, Tom Sizemore, Alanis Morissette, Fred Willard, Rosanna Arquette, amongst many others. His numerous comedy sketch work can be seen on Funny Or Die.