Paul Santana




Paul’s extensive body of work has been known to dance around and at times jump across established hard set ‘genre’ lines.  Whether big or small, VFX driven or solidly grounded in a docu-reality, the common denominator can be found in Paul’s love for telling a story…no matter what shape it takes.

I would tell you of Paul’s first camera, and all the home movies he created to dazzle the masses, but we’ve heard all of that before.

As a teen he attended AFI and later Brooks Institute of Photography and Motion Picture in Santa Barbara California, where his thesis film won national honors.

Coming to Hollywood and starting at the bottom, from PA to DP to most departments in between Paul earned his chops on the way up working with and learning from some true legends in our business.

His commercial directorial debut for the American Cancer Society was recognized not only by Shoot Magazine’s New Director’s showcase but also from the AICP show.  In 2008 “Odds” was praised by National Public Radio as one of the most effective deterrent ads ever created against smoking.

In 2013 The Young Turks called Paul’s painfully relatable spot for Durex (Protect Yourself) “possibly the best condom ad ever.”

In subsequent years Paul’s work has taken him around the globe and has been honored seven more times by the AICP, and has received more hardware than you can shake a stick at.   Paul has worked with such brands as Nike, Coors, Budweiser, Samsung, Coca Cola, Bose, Toyota, Chevy, Canada Post, Coors Light, Bosch, Winter and Summer Olympics, Ford, and Canon to name a few.

A visual effects artist and editor, Paul is as comfortable in the post environment, as he is on set.   To say his skill set makes him ‘hands on’ would be an understatement.  To say he is a ‘control freak,’ would just be mean.

He has a great passion for film, and every aspect of the process from pitch to principle photography to all the bells and whistles of post.  He currently resides in Los Angeles with his lovely Canadian wife and two boys.

With a last name like Santana and an uncle named Carlos, you would think Paul would be a badass guitar player, but not so, not even close.