Tim Abshire




Tim’s true talent lies in crafting comedic stories with genuine dialogue exchanges while organically creating engaging characters. As a relentless observer of human behavior, Tim celebrates the unique characteristics in each situation and guides them into memorable stories.

While directing a wide variety of talent, from known personalities like Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore, to professional athletes, musicians, real people, and aspiring actors stepping on set for the very first time, Tim always builds a working environment that inspires collaboration and spontaneity to ensure the concepts thrive.

Having worked with over 100 global brands from Google to Jeep, filming across five continents in numerous languages, he’s found a deep respect for comedy and how to connect with audiences from multiple cultures.

From Cannes Gold Lions to phone calls from his family, Tim is widely recognized for his achievements in directing. Just ask his mom.

Random Tim facts:

-bulletproofed cars for international governments

-caught and saved a falling baby

-first job out of school was directing and writing for MTV

-studied numerous martial arts

-rapped with Chris Rock

-made a citizen’s arrest on a convenience store robber